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Chicken Little Cheetah by SawuScimitar74

This fanfic was heavily inspired by A Secret Admirer by Kyra Wolf.

I do not own Chicken Little. Chicken Little is owned by Disney. I only lay claim to Chauncey Cheetah.

Chapter 1

It was a warm, sunny day in Oakey Oaks. Everyone was out and about, walking around the town and driving their cars through the streets.

Several months have passed since the “sky is falling” incident, and everyone has since viewed Chicken Little as a hero for saving the town.

Chicken Little and his friends completed sixth grade shortly after, and they all had a summer vacation to remember.

Now it was August, and a new school year was to begin at Oakey Oaks Middle School.

The sound of the school bell ringing breezed throughout the hallways, signaling class was about to begin. Animal children gathered around outside the door of the most boring class of the day, Mutton. Abby, Runt, and Fish were outside the classroom, waiting for Chicken Little. She tapped her foot onto the floor, sighing as she peered at a clock on the wall. Runt read posters on a nearby bulletin board, and Fish leaned against the wall, looking like his cool self.

After waiting for a few more minutes, Runt and Fish went in to avoid getting snapped at by Mr. Woolensworth. Abby decided to wait a few more minutes before shaking her head and crossing her arms. “Chicken Little,” she muttered in dismay. She glanced down the hallway before entering Mutton.

Mr. Woolensworth raised as eyebrow at Abby as she crossed the room and sat down next to Foxy. The vixen bully turned to face Abby and gave her a devious smile. The duckling, however, didn’t seem to notice and ignored her. Runt and Fish were sitting toward the back of the room, chatting quietly. Their chatting stopped when Mr. W cleared his throat and turned around to face the class.

“Alright class. Time to take role-call.” The old sheep announced. “Foxy Loxy?”

The young vixen raised her right hand and smiled as sweetly as she could. “Present, pretty, and punctual!” The duckling groaned in annoyance. She said that every time they took role-call. It was getting disturbing.

“Goosey Loosey, Runt of the Litter, Penny Penny, Ducky Lucky, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Morkupine Porcupine.”

“Yo.” The young porcupine greeted.

“Indeed. Fish out of Water.” Mr. W continued. Fish clapped his fins together and did something cool as usual, cracking up the class. The old sheep simply sighed and rolled his eyes before proceeding. “Abby Mallard?”

“Ugly duckling.” Foxy muttered. Abby stuck her tongue out at the vixen before turning away.

“Chicken Little?” Mr. W called. No answer. “Chicken Little?” The old sheep called again. Everyone glanced at his empty seen. Just as then did, the young chicken burst through the door, panting.

“Sorry I’m late, Mr. Woolensworth! My dad overslept and I had to walk to school to-” However, Mr W just glared at him and pointed at his seat signaling him to sit down. Chicken Little sighed and took a seat. His friends gave him reassuring smiles as he walked past them. He sat at his desk and stared at the front of the room.

“At least you made it.” Runt whispered to his friend.

Chicken Little turned and gave a reassuring smile to him.

The late bell sounded and Mutton began. About halfway through the class, as usual, everyone was in a daze, bored as heck.

“Fur.” Exhorted Mr. Woolensworth. In response, everyone, with their eyes barely half-opened, opened their mouths wide and muttered in chorus, “Baa.”

Runt fell asleep, resting his head in his arms on his desk. Fish propped his head a helment up with his fins, staring off into space. Chicken Little was also asleep, breathing peaceful. Abby looked at the clock as each grueling minute passed by.

After a while, Principal Fetchit knocked on the classroom door.

That caught Mr. W’s attention. “Yes, Principal Fetchit?”

“Mr. Woolensworth. Sorry to interrupt, but there is something I must talk to you about outside the classroom.”

The old sheep nodded. “Class, I have to talk with the principal. Don’t stop reading the book.” He said, slightly sternly.

Everyone groaned in annoyance, but they were slightly relieved that their teacher wouldn’t catch them doing something that wasn’t related to the class.

Chicken Little, Runt, Abby, and Fish tried to listen to what the two were saying, but it sounded unintelligible through the door.

Eventually, Mr. W and Principal Fetchit came back into the room and the old sheep announced, “Class, we have a new student! Mr. Chauncey Cheetah!” A few seconds passed, and in walked a tall cheetah. He was orange with black spots and was wearing a dark blue t-shirt with brown shorts. On his shirt was a basketball sailing through the air towards a basketball hoop. The young cheetah’s hair was neatly combed and evenly distributed on his head. Everyone seemed to be astonished at how tall he was. Chauncey smiled at the class, his hazel eyes beaming in excitement to begin making new friends.

Mr. Woolensworth made a weird look behind his back before he gently placed a hand on the cheetah’s shoulder.

“You may sit over, there, Chauncey.” He said in a low voice, pointing at a chair next to Chicken Little’s desk.

“Yes sir.” Chauncey nodded as he made his way toward his desk.

As the cheetah made his way toward his desk, the fresh smell of deodorant drifted off behind him. He sat down next to Chicken Little, who looked at him worriedly.

“I sure hope he’s not like Foxy.” The chicken thought.

Deciding to see for himself, he cleared his throat. “Hello, Chauncey. I’m Chicken Little.”

To his surprise, the cheetah gave him a warm, welcoming smile and held out his paw. “Sup, Chicken Little? I’m Chauncey Cheetah. Pleasure to meet you.”

Chicken Little didn’t know what to do next, but before he knew it, he shook his paw.

“What do you say we chat after class?” The cheetah suggested.

“Uh, yeah. Sure. Why not?” Chicken Little responded.

Something felt good about this cheetah. He greeted Chicken Little warmly, and he even shook hands with him. For some reason, Chicken Little felt that Chauncey was a good kid.


It has been months since the whole "sky is falling" incident. Chicken Little has been viewed in a positive light since. He and his friends had a memorable summer, and now they are to begin a new school year. They meet someone who is new to the school. There might be something about this student that makes him stand out from the other popular students at Oakey Oaks Middle School.
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